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Sessions #2

A series of intimate online conversations for event professionals, by event professionals exploring new opportunities for the events industry.

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Speaker Agency Propela and conference platform Neon Moiré are excited to invite you to a new series of online gatherings for event professionals. Each month we’ll be hosting an online session that will cover a topic that is challenging organisers around the world. We’ll invite leading minds in their fields to help us unpick the year ahead.

We ran a poll to find out the burning topic in Q1 2021, and hybrid events won hands down across every channel; so for our next Propela x Neon Moiré Session, we’ve invited experts with lived experiences in hybrid events, not the usual marketers selling snake oil.

👋🏽 Hello Hybrid! Part 1
Hybrid Event Strategies and Monetisation

Hybrid events are nothing to fear. They’re easier to host than you might think, and despite what you might believe, they don’t require a ton of high-end technology to deliver a quality experience. In this session, we’ll share successful case studies, reveal the best event platforms that are delivering hybrid (now), and explore monetisation strategies that have the potential to earn 10x what live events can provide.

Experts, not marketers
We’ve invited 2 leaders, Liz King Caruso and Pieter Goiris, in their fields to help us understand how to leverage the digital-physical realm of events.

Peer-to-peer networking
We’ll be running another networking session, this time with twine.nyc – the incredible speed networking tool that uses AI and the power of thought-provoking questions to spark meaningful conversation during timed, one-on-one video conversations.

Test a new event platform
This month we’re hosting ‘Hello Hybrid’ on one of the newest players on the market, Vito, the community-first platform for online and hybrid events. By joining the session you can trial Vito as an audience member, and we’ll be critiquing our event planning experience in our wrap-up email.

Our Speakers

We’ve invited 2 leaders, in their fields to help us understand how to leverage the digital-physical realm of events.

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It's going to be an interactive session, and bring your favourite 🥤 drink. ☕️

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